Clint Eastwood on Responsibility

Clint Eastwood in Rolling Stone Magazine, 17 Sep 1992:

But in the Sixties and Seventies, we were entering into the fall-guy generation, and we’re at the peak of it now, where nobody is responsible for their own actions. It’s like, “I can’t help the way I am; my mother accidentally backhanded me when I was a kid, and she had PMS.” There’s all kinds of reasons for things; instead of people grabbing themselves by the gut and saying, “This is what I have to atone for.” but that’s the era we’re living in now, and it’s being bred into us. We see it in the paper all the time. It’s always somebody else’s fault. Right now, politically we get that: Is it the Congress’s fault or the president’s fault? Get with it; it’s everybody’s fault. But nobody wants to take responsibility. Congress is sitting there worried about their perks, and the president is worried about being reelected. Aw, s***!


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