Beryl Markham Quote on Flying

“Why do we fly?” said Woody. “We could do other things. We could work in offices, or have farms, or get into the Civil Service. We could…”

“We could give up flying tomorrow. You could, anyhow. You could walk away from your plane and never put your feet on a rudder bar again. You could forget about weather and night flights and forced landings, and passengers who get airsick, and spare parts that you can’t find, and wonderful new ships that you can’t buy. You could forget all that and go off somewhere away from Africa and never look at an aerodrome again. You might be a very happy man, so why don’t you?”

“I couldn’t bear it,” said Woody. “It would all be so dull.”

— From West With The Night by Beryl Markham

Balad AB, Iraq, 2005.

Balad AB, Iraq, 2005.


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