Jackrabbit on Health

Gunflint Lake

Gunflint Lake, February 2011.


My opinion is that people don’t get enough of the wilderness when they are young. I had a great advantage living in the Norwegian bush. I don’t mean to minimize the value of modern sports–football and baseball and hockey. They are fine to keep young fellows in shape who can’t get into the bush. But when these fellows get to be 30 or 40 years old, they can’t attend to those sports. So they quit and grow big pot bellies and move to Florida where it is warm and where they become no good to the rest of the world at all. If they had had a childhood in the snowy woods, if they had had the good fortune to grow up as I did, they would also know a way that might let them carry on until they are 100.

— Herman “Jackrabbit” Johannsen (1875-1987) (111 years) from December 1979 Sports Illustrated

Full article here.


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Husband. Father. Pilot. Cross Country Skier. Writer. Author of Outside Duluth and Down In It.
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