A Sonnet for Leo on his Birthday


Common Enemy

Our half-breed dog. Leo’s his name.

He comes over and watches the toast.

Circles the toast like a moth round a flame.

His yellow eye-lasers burn and roast.

You show him your hands and say, “All done.”

He wags a little and walks away.

Without the toast, you’re just no fun.

“Food motivation” is the phrase of the day.

Just before bed, he tries some affection.

The Labrador in him wants to come sit.

The Border Collie part goes the other direction.

Social. Anti-social. They don’t really fit.

Oh look. A puddle. I think he just peed.

He’s the common enemy you know we all need.




About Eric Chandler

Husband. Father. Pilot. Cross Country Skier. Writer. Author of Outside Duluth and Down In It.
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2 Responses to A Sonnet for Leo on his Birthday

  1. Lynnie Jackson says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your poem about Leo. I have 3 shelties that race me up the stairs when I say. Time for toast! They know the sound of the toaster, of course the smell wafting through the kitchen, and my squeaky voice confirming that it is indeed time for toast. I give them each a crust. It’s our ritual each day. They know the toast is all gone when I say, All done, go play. I love dogs. Thanks for sharing, Shmo.

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