The Wave One Project (#2): Howgozit

It's not you, LUX Rye Ale by Bissell Brothers of Maine. It's me.

It’s not you, LUX Rye Ale by Bissell Brothers of Maine. It’s me.

Two months into the Wave One Project. Two months into my 50th year. How are things going? Pretty good. I set up four major tasks for myself after the 2016 Birkie. I asked Jason Kask at Superior Performance to build me a training plan. I’ve looked closer at the training plan. It meshes well with the goals I set before I hired him. Let’s cover the goals in reverse order like a countdown. Do you feel the excitement? I do.

“4) Do strength and core work. Should be easy to exceed this year’s amount.”

The volume of strength training I’m doing is on target to be the most of the last 15 years. We moved to Duluth in 2001 and that was the year I did my first Birkie. In 2003, I put in 28 hours of weight training. As of today, I’ve put in 10 hours. The plan has me doing 25 more hours by the end of the calendar year, for a total of 35 hours. That’ll be the new record.

Believe it or not, I track sit-ups. The most I’ve done in a year was also in 2003: 12,500. This year I’ve done 7000 in accordance with the plan. If I stay on track, (the same “if” for all these topics) I’ll add around 18,000 sit-ups for a total of 25,000. This will double the most I’ve done in a year. (“Sit-ups” is a simplification. There are a lot of core exercises in the plan, but I track them as “sit-ups.” For example, I give myself 30 sit-ups for a one-minute plank. Sue me.)

“3) Go fast. Do more ski races of any length. Add more ski intervals than this year.”

Since it was a scary hot day here in Duluth, I haven’t done any ski races yet. But roller ski intervals are something I track (of course). The biggest volume of roller ski intervals was in 2004 at 6.5 hours. Interestingly, my fastest Birkie was after that summer in Feb 2005. I’ve done two hours of intervals on roller skis so far this year. The plan will add 18 more for a total of 20. Again, this will more than double the amount done in my biggest year.

“2) Ski a lot. Equal or exceed Ski and Total Volume from this year.”

2015 was my biggest year for overall training volume at just over 300 hours. Not just in Duluth, but in my whole life. (Clearly, I’ve never been serious, but hey, it’s my sorry record. Back off. Maybe we can come up with a new race category: performance based on training volume.)

The training plan will add to the 180 hours I’ve already done and put me at 326 for the year. This is in line with about the 10% increase in year over year volume that “they” recommend. So, the plan has me on target for my goal for total volume.

As far as ski volume, I don’t know yet, but I can compare roller ski volume. 2005 was my biggest roller ski year with 31 hours of training. I’m matching that pace at this point in the year. However, this year’s plan has me adding 49 more hours of training to the 17 I already have. That’ll be 66 total hours, more than double my max. Once again, the plan is helping me reach my goals. The goals that support the overarching goal of being in Wave One after 2017.

“1) Get skinny. 174 = BMI normal.”

The plan’s fine, as we’ve seen. I just got home after two weeks visiting family in Maine. I stuck to the plan pretty well while there. But, starting about 7 years ago, cranking up a training plan doesn’t work for losing weight. I have to watch what I eat to take weight off the chassis. So, I didn’t do that. Beer. Pie. Lobstah. Hodgman’s. (It’s a frozen custard place; two minutes away from my folks house and ranked among the best in the country). Did I mention beer?

Before we went away, I got from 193 down to 188. I stepped on the scale yesterday. Two steps forward, two steps back, like I always say.

Overall, things are on target. Except for the fat dude. Next time we’ll talk about how I’m going to succeed at getting down to fighting weight.


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