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Ernest K. Gann on Luck

Who…what did this? What was luck? Were we, for some reason, more deserving of its mystic attention than others who encountered a series of circumstances–which culminated in their destruction? If we were favored, then I wanted to know why, and … Continue reading

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Disappointment Cleaver

The Birkie was cancelled today, so I’m not likely to forget 2017. I put in over 1200 miles training for this day since June 1st. But I’m calm. No Angry Shmo today. The scenario reminds me of something else. Mother Nature … Continue reading

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Two-Thing Story

I sat with my kids and played “two-thing story” as I tucked them into bed. This was a game where my kid picked two nouns out of the air and I had to come up with a story that included … Continue reading

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