The Fun Dome (Episode 1): Looking Ahead

I find I do “better” if I look ahead. But first a brief look back at my athletic goals for 2013. I write them down like a good little boy. I’ll spare you the non-athletic goals. Sports related navel-gazing will be too much for you as it is:

1) Target Weight 170# by Birkie and 165# by Grandma’s (174# = BMI normal): This didn’t work out. I got to 175 before the Birkie and 172 before Grandma’s.

2) Run Grandma’s Marathon in PR (3:36:28): Close only counts in hand grenades. I ran a 3:40:45. Just ten seconds more per mile would’ve done it.

3) Ski a Wave 3 quality Birkie: Yes. Thank goodness. I was still qualifying for Wave 3 based on 2010. It was do or die. (Or at least drop back a wave…which is like dying) I guess 500 miles of skiing last winter was worth something after all.

4) Climb Mt. Rainier: Me and Luke “Goob” Huls got most of the way up the mountain. But Mom Nature shifted all the crevasses and opened some new ones. The ladders across the gaps got swallowed up. Zero chance of a summit but I got to Disappointment Cleaver at around 11,700′. They took us willing climbers as high as they could get. And it was a glorious, clear, dead calm day. Took some of the sting out of not seeing the top.

So, one out of four goals met. Failure? Not really. One out of four is better than none out of none-point-none.

I’ll have to think of some new goals for the coming year. It’s a little hard to think at -6F and you can’t feel your face. But that’s when The Fun Dome is in session.

-6F, December 2013, Hartley Park, Duluth, MN.

-6F, December 2013, Hartley Park, Duluth, MN.


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