Hugging This Rock

Hugging This Rock by Eric Chandler front cover picture low rez

What others are saying about Hugging This Rock:

“Eric Chandler’s pilot perspective allows for attention to detail–the strength behind a handmade sawhorse, the terrain of mountains seen from above, the measures parents take to protect their children, a pre-deployment bar conversation–while simultaneously seeing the broad landscape of identity.” –Lisa Stice, author of the poetry collection Uniform

“It’s always a pleasure when a poet takes the world you know and hands it back to you at a new tilt. […] Chandler’s lens brings us our familiar world from thousands of feet above and then zooms into close range, so that […] we can feel what matters far more keenly than we could on our own.” –Andria Williams, author of the novel The Longest Night

“This is stealth poetry. With each poem, Chandler glides you gently along, then, BOOM! He hits when you least expect it.” –Susanne Aspley, author of the novel Granola, MN

“Chandler’s figure-of-speech-“hugging this rock”-suggests humility, a worldview and sense of self in which being a fighter jock is only a small part of an overall identity and life, with the most important aspects centered on human relationships, which must be defined by care and trust.” –Peter Molin, author of the Time Now blog                                                                          
“Eric Chandler presents what it is to know the good of the earth and the freedom of the sky, the joy of love and the trial of war. I highly recommend this moving and poignant read.”  –L. Burton Brender, coauthor of In Cadence

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