The Fun Dome (#17): For a Cause

Well, I’m calling it “North Shore Shmo!” in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. You can visit my fundraising page and donate via this link: North Shore Shmo!

Today was North Shore Shmo: Leg 2.

What is it with this dog and trail closures? We started at Becks Road and went west to where I left off yesterday.


What’s impressive is that two years later, lots of places in the woods look like the Flood of 2012 just happened. Lots of steep hillsides still show fresh marks of the landslides and fallen trees from two Junes ago. Makes you realize that Mom Nature is large and in charge.

Landslides everywhere. Minnesota is totally flat...yeah, right.

Landslides everywhere. Minnesota is totally flat…yeah, right.

In pretty short order we bounced down the 131 steps to Sargent Creek. They’re a little harder to come back up.



I was running along at a good clip and suddenly realized I was at yesterday’s turnaround point. So we headed back. Leo somehow can tell the day is half over. Maybe I give off a scent of relief.



Leo plunged into the cool (cold!) waters of Sargent Creek near where the 50 foot long bridge crosses. Still amazing to me that all this is right in our town. (#VoteDuluth, by the way)

Bridge over Sargent Creek.

Bridge over Sargent Creek.

I ran the Wild Duluth 50k a few years back, but I don’t remember most of the two sections of trail I ran on the past two days. I’m like a goldfish with a ten-second memory. “Hey look a treasure! Hey look a scuba man! Hey look a treasure!”

Leg 2 of many more if I’m to reach the goal of the whole Superior Hiking Trail by October. I’m just glad I have all my fingers and toes after four trips to the Middle East. I’m grateful I can do things like run with my dog on my local world class trails. Please consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Project to support those who can’t have a day like I just did.





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