The Fun Dome (#22): Running With Orcs

Use Caution. Orcs at Play.

Use Caution. Orcs at Play.

Running through a nice open stand of hardwoods, mostly maple, Sam said, “This looks like woods that orcs would run through.” Lots of long views with no undergrowth for Tolkien’s evil creatures to scramble through. The fact that the boy found a tick crawling up his leg added to the theme.

Kingsbury Creek.

Kingsbury Creek.

We started out with the dog from the Waseca Street trailhead behind the Zoo. You run up Kingsbury Creek which was the star of the day. Nice open ledges and a few people sunning on them next to the running water. Hard uphill start to this out-and-back, though.

White Pines. Five needle clusters = w-h-i-t-e.

White Pines. Five needle clusters = w-h-i-t-e.

We ran west below I-35 and the train tracks as they come down Thompson Hill. There were several white pines that were planted with some fence around them to keep the big brown rats from browsing them. We eventually dove down to Knowlton Creek near Spirit Mountain after passing through the “orcy” trees. I found the end of the previous leg sooner than we thought. It was a good thing since we had to climb up 138 (according to the SHTA website) steps out of that drainage back where we came. I counted 129 steps. Sam counted 130. I probably missed one while wheezing.

Ow. Quit it.

Ow. Quit it.



Oh, by the way, it was an effing gorgeous, bluebird day out there and you should #voteduluth. If you don’t, and we don’t win, all my life choices will remain unvalidated. Don’t be “that guy.” Click here.




Leo mid-shake.

New Feature!


Today’s new feature is what t-shirt I’m wearing on that day’s run. I have a t-shirt acquisition problem. I’m a t-shirt hoarder. I have nearly one hundred, mostly from races. I can’t remember ever throwing one away. I acknowledge I have a problem. Join in my psychosis.

Today’s shirt was purchased in Korea circa 1994 when I was stationed at Kunsan AB. If you know what a “juicy girl” is, you might find it funny. I am never allowed to wear this shirt in public.


Today’s Data: North Shore Shmo: Leg 7

This trail run along the entire Superior Hiking Trail is in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Please consider a donation: North Shore Shmo!


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