The Fun Dome (#24): Get High

The cure for what ails you.

The cure for what ails you.

It was overcast and about 48F. They can’t all be bluebird days. I was crabby. I just turned 47 yesterday. “What does it all mean?” and all that melodramatic mental bullcrap. My mood matched the sky cover.

The dog didn’t care. He whined at me to hurry up and let down the tailgate so he could get going. We ran across an old ruined bridge across Keene Creek next to where Getchell meets Skyline.  We ran past what the website says was an old pump house. Now it’s a relic that has graffiti that urges me to eff off and to “get high.” Natural high, I assumed. So, we ran some more.

Get High, Leo.

Get High, Leo.

I am constantly amazed that all this isolated footpath is right in the middle of town.



Isolated until we ran into Eric Peterson. He was working on two mini-excavators. Leo made a new friend. He was working on some part of the equipment that he had built. It was equipment for Shawn Miller’s COGGS trail-building crew. The Duluth Traverse inches its way across town. Eric said that soon, they’ll open new stretches of trail to riding so that if there are any improvements needed, they can be made while the earthmoving equipment is still present. Check the COGGS website for when new sections of trail open. The new sections look swoopy and fun. Join COGGS while you’re at it. The Duluth Traverse will be unique in the world when it’s done.

Leo meets Eric Peterson of COGGS.

Leo meets Eric Peterson of COGGS.

Thinking of new trail right next to my foot trail made me happy. Seeing the new tunnel under Haines Road to allow runners and bikers to continue from the Piedmont system into Brewer Park made me happy too. I haven’t made it down to this new section of Haines Road since the Flood of 2012. The fact that the road looks shiny and new and has a new tunnel for human-powered types made me happy. I was emerging from my bad mood.


SNAKEYES! (I knew he was an NSA robot.)

I can’t think of a single day where I started a run/bike/ski/paddle where I didn’t feel better at the end than I did at the beginning. Not one. Today was no different.


His motto, “No ditch too nasty.”

It got better toward the end for both me and Leo. The sun started coming out from behind the clouds for me.

Leo smiles over our fair city.

Leo smiles over our fair city.

And Leo found another creek to lie down in. But it got better for him. Have you seen the look your dog gets when he finds something to roll in? They almost look apologetic. Like, “I’m sorry, but this is just so absolutely, disgusting, I have to…I can’t stop myself…” Roll, roll, roll. “Oh, so good. So nasty. So good.”  You know the look. Anyway, something was in that creek. I could tell by looking at him. He actually tried to roll in…whatever it was…while he was belly deep in the stream. I hollered at him. He meekly returned to my side. I gagged at the aroma.

Just before he got "the look."

Just before he got “the look.”

He sat outside while we ate supper and girded our loins for battle. We gave him a bath for dessert. Not quite as bad as getting into a skunk, but close.

T-shirt of the Day:

We went to see Low once at the Homegrown Music Festival. The Chef and I sat down. I went to get a beer. I came back and she whispered that she was sitting next to the bass player from Trampled by Turtles, Tim Saxhaug. She was all aquiver. I said, she should talk to him, since he was a human being like us. We told him their band kicks ass. Because they do.


Today’s path: North Shore Shmo: Leg 9

My 300-mile Superior Hiking Trail adventure is in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. Please consider a donation toward my $1200 goal: North Shore Shmo!


3 Responses to The Fun Dome (#24): Get High

  1. annefluke says:

    Nice, Shmo. When will you be running the sections near Grand Marais? If I’m up there (at the “Fluke Farm”) perhaps I could join you for one of your runs. And/or bring you beer at the end : ) I will be there this wknd, then I’m out of town June 24-July 7th.

    • Hey, Anne! Thanks. I’m going to try to finish all Duluth sections by end of June. I’m getting close. I’m heading up to the far end of the trail in mid-July. I’ll let you know. I’ve got some other folks who are looking to tag along, too. Trail Run Party!

  2. annefluke says:

    Great, keep me posted! I love the far end of the trail. My brother will be here from California July 16-25th, so I will spend most of that time in GM with him (& our mother, who spends July & August there).

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