The Fun Dome (#26): To Run?

A look up the Shore where I'm really going to have to log some miles.

A look up the Shore where I’m really going to have to log some miles.

I didn’t have much time before I had to leave town. It’s that crucial moment when you decide if you’re going to run at all that day. I got over the hump. A short run is better than no run.

Enger Tower

Enger Tower

We parked at Piedmont and 24th again, but went uphill toward Enger Tower. Through an abandoned baseball field and basketball court. Ran past the Ohara Peace Bell. Down to Twin Ponds. Not much to it. On the way back to the start, the dog actually came to heel and followed me up to the tower without running off to visit the other tourists.


A ding-a-ling and a bell.

And then I flew away to Chicago. With a run under my belt.


Twin Ponds. It’s not a creek, but it’ll do.

Sweatshirt of the Day:

It was in the 40’s (?!?!) so I ran with a sweatshirt. I went to Saudi Arabia three times in the 90’s to support Operation Southern Watch with this squadron. For a while, we had a black widow in a terrarium at the ops desk. I thought, Big Deal. Then somebody threw a couple of big nasty, angry hornets in there with it. I figured it was all over for the spider. The next morning, the spider was sitting there quietly over the corpses of the now dead hornets. Bad. Ass.


Today’s Data: North Shore Shmo: Leg 11

Consider donating to the Wounded Warrior Project via my link: North Shore Shmo!



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