The Fun Dome (#28): “Nice Day!”

Bob Dylan sends us on our way.

Bob Dylan sends us on our way.

The dog and I started from Bob Dylan Way and went straight up the hill past Burrito Union. No let up on this one. We entered the trees across 4th street and crossed the bridge to the west side of Chester Creek. Up, up, up.

One of many bridges and falls along Chester Creek.

One of many bridges and falls along Chester Creek.

If you see only one other person on a trail run, it should be Andy Holak on his way down hill. He and his wife Kim put on the Wild Duluth 50k ultra that I did back in 2010. Check out their running company: They can both really run. Andy and I served in the Battle of Wolf Ridge together as we chaperoned a bunch of 4th graders on their annual field trip. Mental scars. Let’s hear it for the teachers, people. Andy said, “Nice day!” as he flew by. And it was a nice day.

Chester Tester.

Chester Tester.

I followed the waterfalls up past the graffiti under the 8th/9th street bridge. We bounded (Leo bounded, actually; I lurched) up the stone steps to Skyline Drive and were stymied by a bunch of construction just to the east of the bridge. I had planned to follow the little blue hashmarks to the knob at Bagley. No luck. Plan B, as we say. So we just headed back downhill. It truly was all downhill to the finish.

Dog sculpts intricate art forms with water. (Or just wags tail.)

Dog sculpts intricate art forms with water? (Or just wags tail.)

I’m now about 25% of the way through the time I’ve given myself to run the whole Superior Hiking Trail. Thanks to you folks, I’m 25% of the way to my fundraising goal. My end of the bargain is dragging behind as today makes about 30 miles of trail covered. That’s only 10%. (math in public; check my work) I’m planning on heading to the northernmost sections next. Longer runs in store.

Today’s Data: North Shore Shmo: Leg 13

Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. That’s why I’m doing all this foolish running: North Shore Shmo!

T-Shirt of the Day:

Back in 2005, I couldn’t run Grandma’s Marathon because I was in Eye-Rack. So, I decided to try something different that year and train for the Northshore Inline Marathon in September. I got some fancy new rollerblades and entered the 1st Annual Hermantown Inline race (13.1 miles). Here is my comment from the training log: “Passed by morbidly obese people. Need new wheels.” I suspected the stock wheels at slowing me down. I stopped at Abo’s Skate Shop (which used to be on Arrowhead Road), Rick took one look at my wheels, laughed, and hooked me up with some new wheels and bearings. Went to Hoyt Lakes (13.1) a week later and did 3:50 miles instead of 4:50 miles. Amen.

Did the Northshore Inline Marathon (26.2) in 3:35/mile. Cruised in a pack to a 1:34 finish. I thought all that inline skating would help my skiing that year. How was the 2006 Birkie? It was my worst one. The skates are now collecting dust. But hey, you need to try new things once in a while.

2005: Inline Skating Experiment

2005: Inline Skating Experiment



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