The Fun Dome (#4): Resolve

I came up with some fitness goals. Some things will get in the way. Primarily, this year, I rejoin the civilian workforce since I just completed my indentured servitude. Airline work schedules being what they are, I can’t even predict I can go to a specific event. But here I go anyway.

Guiding mantras: A) “Have fun with it.” and B) Ask myself, “Is what I’m doing right now helping me to achieve my goals?” (This does not bode well for me and my friend beer.)

1) BMI Normal. For me, that’s 174# or less. Also, to be 170# by Grandma’s Marathon in June. Believe it or not, I ran Grandma’s last year at 172# and I’m back up to 192# right now. I know I can do it. Just have to avoid eating food. Or things with food ingredients. Or any food-like products.

2) Run Grandma’s Marathon in PR. That means beating 3:36:28. If I can’t run Grandma’s due to schedule problem, I’ll try to PR at Whistle Stop or some other local marathon.

3) Ski a Wave 2 Birkie. Considering my current weight, Race is only 6 weeks away and -20F temp outside preventing me from skiing, this will be the toughest one. Barely did a Wave 3 race last year. Wave 2 is 39-54% back. Last time I skied a Wave 2 time was 2005.

I thought about doing the Superior Man 70.3 triathlon here in town this summer.  I left it off the list because I’m a working slob again and there are 10 other things on my list of goals. You can thank me now for keeping those to myself.

2013 Grandma's Marathon...20 pounds lighter than now.

2013 Grandma’s Marathon…20 pounds lighter than now.


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