The Fun Dome (#8): Top Drawer

A happy place.

A happy place.

I’m typically happy if I’m looking at this scene. It’s in the garage. All my ski waxing gear at my bench. Cold waxes to the left. Warmer waxes to the right. Corks, scrapers, brushes, and rilling tools. A white plastic case with all the kick waxes and thermometers. (Won that plastic case and some waxes in a citizen race at Birch Hill in Fairbanks, Alaska around 1993.) An iron and the extension cord in just the right spot. Ski bench behind me. Old 1980’s boombox on top of the cabinet. Racks for the skis waiting in line. Plastic sheet on the floor to catch all the scrapings. Broom and dustpan. Extra lighting.

Using an unusual amount of the coldest wax this year.

Even though I don’t use this drawer 6 to 9 months out of the year, I like to look at it. And I like that it’s the top drawer. First. Most important.

Top Drawer. "Top Shelf."

Top Drawer. “Top Shelf.”

2 Responses to The Fun Dome (#8): Top Drawer

  1. Jon W says:

    Impressive collection. All I have left is some yellow wax and some silicone. Taking solace in new research that shows waxing doesn’t help glide. Just need some skis that were made in this century.

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